Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Hello again! I’m coming to you today to share one of my favorite projects so far, which I dubbed the “Pay It Forward” project. Well, actually, two projects. I love it when I can help make connections between people in different parts of my lives. I love helping someone to help someone else. And these projects did all of that.

I had been working with my client Tracy on a kitchen remodel, when my friend Joy approached me about her mother, Nada. Nada’s children wanted to redecorate some of the rooms in her home, but budget was an issue. They wanted to spruce the space up without spending a lot, and my friend was asking for my help picking out paint colors. Here’s a “before” shot of Nada’s kitchen:

When she mentioned their plan to repaint Nada’s kitchen cabinets, a lightbulb went off. While my client Tracy’s kitchen cabinets no longer suited her style, they were in great shape, and it would’ve been a shame just to rip them out and throw them away!

Joy and I went to look at Tracy’s old cabinets the next morning. Joy gave them the thumbs-up, and we got to work. We pulled our children out of bed, got everyone we could involved, and transported the cabinets from Tracy’s to Nada’s that day. Here’s a photo of some of the team that helped

And a photo of Tracy’s former cabinets installed in Nada’s kitchen (a “work in progress” photo).

After all of the hard work, Tracy was able to come to Nada’s newly redone home and see her donation in action. I was so happy to be able to bring these two ladies together and help them to help each other.

With a little bit of love, Tracy’s “pay it forward” cabinets, and a some donated time, Nada’s space was transformed into something that brings her happiness each and every day.