Celebration for  LITTLE ANGELS

Hello again! In my last post, I talked about my work with Little Angels, a loving home for children and adults with severe disabilities and complex medical needs. I’ve been involved with this organization for a number of years, and I love taking on special projects with them.
This year’s theme was Moulin Rouge. As a designer, such a concrete theme automatically creates so many ideas, feelings, and connections for me that smaller details like centerpiece design andtablescapes fell into place pretty quickly. The Sanfilippo Estate is already so ornate that we have to be careful each year to work our theme around the existing decor, to weave the ideas together and not to compete or overpower the already beautiful design of the space.


One of my favorite tasks each year is to design the statue for The Angel Award, presented at the gala to someone who goes above and beyond for Little Angels. The award is given in memory of Gloria Bergman, a Little Angels parent who donated much of her time and effort to fundraising for Little Angels. I wanted the design to be simple but meaningful, to represent not only Little Angels itself, but the love and care it provides for its residents and their families.

While I love all the preparations and design that goes into the project beforehand, my favorite part of the gala each year is attending it! It’s such a treat to see all of our hard work pay off, to see the guests enjoying the world we’ve created for them. I, with other Little Angels parents and staff, greet guests at the door, and act as hosts throughout the evening. For me, this gives the whole process a much more personal touch; it makes the experience personally rewarding.
Even more rewarding than meeting and greeting the guests is seeing the lucky Little Angels residents that get to attend the gala. I’ve gotten to know many of them through my volunteer work, and they always bring such joy to any new experience. Seeing their reactions to the space and the people at the gala reminds us all why we are there in the first place.