Penny Williams

Penny Williams

As an interior decorator, I create more than just a space, I create a feeling. I strive to create beauty in your home, and in your heart. Design is my passion because good design can enhance people’s lives while it enhances their living space. A beautiful space can feed your soul, and can uncover a sense of tranquility when it is filled with things you love.

When working with clients, I not only bring design insights and inspiration, I listen to the client, to get a sense of the feeling they want to create. I strive to get in touch with the client’s own creativity and express that through the details and finishing touches of their home. I also ask the client about their lifestyle - how they use the space every day. I keep both beauty and function in the center of my mind while I choose each aspect of the space, and weave them all together to represent the client’s vision.

I approach each client with a deep sense of connection, joy, and compassion. I want you not only to like your space, but to feel yourself in your space. I want it to represent who you are. After all, there’s no place like home.

I specialize in creating places of comfort, ambiance to fit one room or an entire home, by walking my clients through:

  • Color palettes
  • Specialized wall treatments
  • Custom upholstery, window treatments, and bedding
  • Lighting
  • Tile selection & layout
  • Flooring
  • Furniture layouts with new and or existing pieces
  • Color renderings to help you visualize the space
  • Accessories and all the Finishing Touches

I can adapt my design process to all needs:  new construction, remodels, or a simple relocation of one room.  I have worked with clients who want a simple redecoration as they prepare for a new state of life, all the way through clients who are looking to customize their “forever” home.

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I specialize in creating places of comfort; an ambiance to fit one room, an entire home, or anything in between. I use over 30 years of experience to help my clients define and express their personal style.

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